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DER Intergration Capacity

Assess the DER and load hosting capacity of your distribution system without compromising system reliability and power quality with the CYME Integration Capacity Analysis module. Contact us to learn more about this optional module which can be added with the latest revision of CYME 7.2. 

Voltage Regulation

Do you need to improve the power quality of your distribution network? Is reducing energy losses or achieving CVR something that interests you? If so, learn more about CYME's Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement analysis. This analysis uses robust optimization techniques to place voltage regulators at optimal locations on your network to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Improve Reliability

An improvement in distribution system reliability is imperial to maintaining a good level of network stability. It ensures customer satisfaction and lowers the cost of electricity.

Get in touch with CYME specialists today to learn more about the Optimal Recloser Placement analysis so you can start designing a better network structure that yields the most beneficial return for your capital investment.

Using Online Maps

CYME now offers Online Maps Service which can allow you to display Google™ maps and MapQuest™ Open maps underneath the geographical view of your electrical network. Locating a substation, a feeder or a particular address is never easier with all the possibilities CYME offers as background map.

Contact us today to learn more about the Online Maps Service!

Upcoming Events
CIGRE 2016
August 21 - 26, 2016
Paris, France
CYMCAP Users Group in Paris
August 24, 2016
Paris, France
EDIST 2017
January 18 - 19, 2017
Markham, Toronto
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CYMCAP Users Group 2016

The 2016 edition of the CYMCAP Users Group is now open for registration!

In conjuction with the CIGRE conference in Paris, CYME is offering a one-day event featuring a users’ seminar on CYMCAP along with three high-end workshops by renown experts on challenging real-life cable projects and latest developments on special modeling issues and cable ampacity rating. 

Don't miss the unique opportunity - Register today!

For more information on the agenda of the event, click here.

3 months ago

New Release - CYMGRD 7.0

The CYMGRD software is a substation grounding grid design and analysis program specially developed to help engineers optimize the design of new grids and reinforce existing grids, of any shape, by virtue of easy to use, built-in danger point evaluation facilities. User-friendly data entry, efficient analysis algorithms and powerful graphical facilities make the CYMGRD software an efficient tool which helps engineers arrive at technically sound and economical designs.

New Release - CYMGRD 7.0 combines industry-led features and engineering know-how to deliver a solution for the safe and optimal design of new grids and the reinforcement of existing grids.

CYMGRD 7.0 offers a wide range of enhanced capabilities and new functionalities:

  • International safety standards are now supported
  • Data entry based on the Schlumburger-Palmer Measurement method
  • Multiple Soil Measurement Axes
  • Complete global report of all analysis

More information is available here.

Please send us your feedback on any new feature that you want us to implement in the new 7 series of the CYMGRD software.

3 months ago

Thank you for attending the 2016 Users Group Meeting!

Thank you to all participants for attending our annual Users Group Meeting! Delegates from more than 50 utilities participated to different activities during the week and shared experience and know-how among peers. We had much interesting discussions with our participants, and their inputs will continue to help us polish our software and build our roadmap to deliver a software which addresses emerging issues that are important to our clients. We hope that our participants find the experience as inspiring as we do.

Thank you again for making the CYME Users Group Meeting a success and we are looking forward to seeing everybody in 2017!

4 months ago

Join us at the CYME Users Group Meeting 2016

The 2016 edition of the CYME Users Group Meeting is now open for registration!

This annual event is a great opportunity for CYME software users to learn, connect and exchange ideas with peers and experts. Backed by popularity, the Early Bird Promotion has been extended to Friday April 1st - register today and come join us at the Users Group Meeting in June 2016!

Click here for more information and to register!

8 months ago

Visit us at the DistribuTECH 2016 Exhibition

Come visit us at the DistribuTECH 2016 Exhibition on February 9-11 at the Orlando, Florida. Our specialists will be at booth #1700 ready to give you demonstrations of the CYME Software and to discuss how CYME Solutions and Services can be of help to you!

If you are interested in obtaining a free one-day pass, please contact us at cymeinfo@eaton.com.

We are listed in the show directory under Eaton, and the booth is located to the right of the entrance doors on a main aisle.

9 months ago

Connect with us at the EDIST 2016 Conference

Come and join us at the EDIST 2016 Conference on Jan 13-14 at Markham, Toronto. Our specialists will be at booth #19 ready to give you demonstrations of the CYME Software and to discuss how CYME Solutions and Services can be of help to you!

9 months ago

New Release - Robust cable ampacity calculations at your fingertips with CYMCAP 7.0

First of the new CYMCAP 7 Series, CYMCAP 7.0 rev.1 focuses on consolidating its assets while introducing new robust and performant algorithms which open the path for more advanced features and capabilities.

CYMCAP 7.0 offers a wide range of enhanced capabilities, featuring new modules, new functionalities and advanced computations:

  • New ampacity optimization algorithm
  • Feature to rate circuits with various operating frequencies
  • Possibility to model multiple heat sources/sinks
  • New module to study the prevention of soil dry-out in non-homogeneous media
  • Improved finite element modeling capabilities for the MDB module
  • Extended features for the transient analysis
  • Updated reports

More information are available here.

1 year ago

New Release - Power your smart grid and meet energy needs with CYME 7.2

Eaton’s CYME is pleased to announce the release of its latest CYME 7.2 Power Engineering Software. As part of the CYME 7 Series, CYME 7.2 centers on delivering simplicity to your fingertips while combining industry-led features with engineering. Whether it is to power your smart grid or to optimize your power system for higher efficiency and reliability, the CYME Power Engineering Software has the analytical tools required to help you meet your energy needs.

CYME 7.2 offers a wide range of enhanced analytical and modeling capability, which include:

  • Distribution State Estimator
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems and Smart Controls
  • Low Voltage Cable Sizing
  • Distance Protection
  • Enhanced Fault Analysis
  • Enhanced Secondary Grid Network Analysis
  • Enhanced Protective Device Analysis
  • Refined cable modeling 

More information are available here.

1 year ago